Pack mule

Where to begin? I only have so many cubic inches of precious saddlebag and tank bag space. Too many things I want to take along and too little room!

Clothes for every conceivable weather and sightseeing scenario, medicine, toiletries, tools, camping gear, cooking gear, cameras, paperwork….


I’ve done shorter bike trips and made do without a cute pair of heels and just the right jeans…. But packing for a longer trip is different. Each article has to prove its worth and meet several criteria.

Thank goodness for those that have gone before and have shared some experiences and wisdom. Horizons Unlimited, Chris Scott, Lois Pryce (I love her website!), Ted Simon, Austin Vince, Carla King and so many others….picked up a great “little” book (pun intended) Going Small by Andrew Pain with good tips too.

I’m going to think of this as a puzzle, and I love puzzles. How can I fit all this stuff into these containers? Sounds like the old George Carlin routine about “stuff” and makes me giggle. This is going to be fun.


Categories: Gearing up

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