Baby steps

Checklist of preparations before my adv moto trip:

1. Sell house.
2. Put all my things in storage. Make a plan for my car.


3. Get all the right equipment (including the bike) and make sure your kit will fit in your panniers.
4. Get immunizations for all the countries you plan to visit. Also get needed meds you want to take along with you and backup scrips.


5. Get repatriation and medical evac insurance.
6. Make sure your passport is all set (has enough blank pages, etc.)
7. Set up communication plans – blog, phone? Spot? Magic Jack?
8. Set up financial plan (Dad can I borrow twenty bucks?).
9. Sabbatical from work? Or in my case maybe a fresh start after I return.
10. Lots of optional things – language for countries you plan to travel to, arrange volunteer work in the places you travel to, photography class and equipment research,
11. Figure out how to manage your money and mail, get a POA and a will drawn up.
12. Kiss your loved ones and hug them tight and enjoy some time with them before you go. Gonna miss them lots.


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