Take it or leave it

Things to take along with me on this journey:

     Happy memories of my friends and family to fill my “helmet time” and keep me company

     Contact information for loved ones so I can send them a postcard or an email to let them know how much I love and miss them and that I’m thinking of them

     My sense of adventure, so that I try a few new things and grow along the way, but not too much so I remain safe and use my common sense

     A willingness to grow and change as a person – to shift my priorities, to live in the moment, to not take things for granted and to stop putting things off until “someday”

     My camera – to capture some of the beauty of the world and share it with others and to save a moment in time to reflect on in years to come

     Good attitude – (I hope I always have this one!) along with gratitude for the incredible opportunity that this is for me


Things to leave behind:

     Pressure and stress – from work and from responsibilities I put on myself

     Regrets or resentment about other people’s broken promises to me – because, in fact, a giant broken promise is what gave me the courage to take this leap

     The need to plan most of my trip in advance

     Fear, worries, bias, my comfort zone




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