Dakota Day

If football is a game of inches then adventure motorcycle riding preparations are a game of ounces. After carefully selecting each piece of equipment, clothing and supplies I packed it all into the two panniers and my tank bag and a top bag this morning. I have to work to balance the weight and keep it low and forward. My new lowering links have recovered some of the clearance my load of gear has just cost me.


Heading east on I-90 to make the best time, I stopped east of Wall to take a couple of pics. Wind blowing across the prairie made waves in the green sea of grass and created whitecaps of western wheatgrass and sweet clover. Meadowlarks and swallows seemed to surf just above the wave tops.

It’s nice to see the cattle belly deep in grass this year. In fact most cattle today were laying down instead of grazing, already full. It’s a fairy warm day, and downright hot with all my gear on. So it’s a relief to cross the Missouri and get under some clouds for shade.


A bull rack passes me (well, technically everyone passes me since my max speed is approximately 65 mph) and I see it’s filled with young pigs. It’s sad to see their little snouts squeezed out through the holes in the trailer trying to catch some cool air. It makes me almost not want bacon ever again.

The road texture is varied, not something I notice as much in a car. There are moguls east of Kadoka and washboards west of Murdo. Somewhere along the way, a duck flies out of the north side ditch and across the westbound lane headed into the wind and right for me but veers away at the last minute. It’s humid and green, greener than I’ve seen it in a while. Corn is already “knee high” like farmers hope for by July 4th.

I’m enjoying the day and am in no hurry to leave South Dakota, my beautiful home. Someday I must remember to try the Trans South Dakota trail. Sioux Falls is just the right distance for the day and a second home for me.

Sweet dreams, South Dakota. I love you.

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  1. I am loving your blog and pictures. I admire you for taking on this adventure. Keep on posting!

  2. Just road your great state but maybe the 75th Sturgis wasn’t the best time to ride it:-( will come back when its not so busy as it seemed bloody awesome!
    Bruce New Zealand

    • I think it’s much better when it’s less crowded. Hope you make it back here someday. But then you’ve got beautiful land to ride through in NZ. One of my favorite places I’ve ever been. Good people too. Best wishes.

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