Leaving Wonderland (Drive)

It’s my last night in the house. It’s empty now so it isn’t really my home any more. My things have been tucked in for a nap in a cozy new place. This house has been a lovely home and I wish it a happy new life with the family moving in – filled with happiness and laughter and love.

My last two weeks have been spent packing and moving my things to a large storage unit (and several other places). I’ve been so rushed I haven’t had time to take in the enormity of the changes in my life.

A month ago I gave my notice and since then I’ve left a nearly 21-year job, loved my best friend through the end of her canine life, worked to sell two houses, and packed up my life in boxes while preparing for a long distance motorcycle trip. The physical process is accompanied by emotional, spiritual and mental processes. Learning to let go of old habits and start to shift my priorities just slightly, almost imperceptibly to me and certainly so to others.

Maybe it’s been better I not think about the things I’m doing and the journey ahead. I’d be more scared than I already am and I might have decided against it. Better not to think, just have faith and go forward.

Here’s to living in the moment and to riding out of my comfort zone.

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  1. See you soon! Not many people have the courage to do what you are about to do. The sky is the limit. You are free to write a new chapter in your life and only you have the ability to determine the ending. It is like those choose your own adventure stories I loved as a kid. Choose your destination. It will be anxiously awaiting your arrival. Safe travels and good luck!

  2. Wow! I didn’t realize what this trip entailed. I hadn’t had the time to catch up on the reading. I love that you are taking this adventure in your life. I can see how wonderful and nerve wracking it could be to decide to make such a large transition. Wishing you safe and wonderful travels and a calming and wonderful satisfaction in the choice and adventure!

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