Is this heaven?

“No, it’s Iowa”. To steal a couple of lines from one of my favorite Costner movies. But today it’s definitely not heaven, more a little like hell I would think, if only because of the temperature. As we cross the Big Sioux River into Iowa I blow a kiss to South Dakota. Until we meet again…..

I-29 twists and turns slightly thru Sioux City on its way south. And just a little past downtown the traffic is at a standstill. Stop and start, stop and start, and after a while I shut the bike off for a bit. The muddy Missouri River drifts by on my right and I wish I could park and go for a swim. It’s hot, maybe 90, and I’m dressed head to toe in black with armored gear and a helmet. I can’t imagine being hotter. Turns out a semi trailer has caught fire somewhere up ahead which adds 45 minutes to my ride today.


We finally get moving again and head south to the 680 toward Des Moines. A short stop to stretch at a rest area, not the “modern” rest area that I see signs for that have actual toilets, that is just a parking lot. There’s a nice place to sit and enjoy the breeze under the shade of a crab apple tree. Lots of windmills on both sides of the highway and they are soothing to watch. But I suppose they should be a warning to riders that this area is windy, and it is a little today.


My gloves are too tight and my left thumb has been numb since yesterday. I’m not a fan and need to find some new ones. I stop for gas and the little lever you use to keep the gas pumping gets stuck and overfills my tank before I can get it stopped. As I pull out the nozzle it sprays about 10 feet out onto the parking lot and covers the front of my bike. Yummy. Hot and sweaty and now I smell like gas.

I’m excited about getting to stay with friends tonight, whom I haven’t seen in a few years. Their good company and their two dogs are just what I need tonight. Puppy love is the best and I haven’t seen their dogs in a long time but still remember how sweet they are. Chris has his Bronco flag up in front of the house so it’s easy to spot. Tara makes us an amazing dinner and I get some wonderful quality time with friends. What a way to end the day.

Home sweet away from home….thank you Chris and Tara – xoxo

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  1. I felt your angst. But like you say…. all part of the journey. And great fodder for stories. 🙂 Hope today is better.

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