It’s about the journey….

And supposedly not about the destination. But today, no offense to Iowa or Illinois, it’s gonna have to be about the destination. My thumb is still numb, my butt hurts, my head hurts and I’m coughing from allergies. As good as sweet clover smells, it’s been my kryptonite this week and I’m ready for it to go away.

I put on my fave socks this morn, and my sister has a pair just like them. They make me happy. I post a picture so she knows I’m thinking of her.


Got a late start today and I have to make stops at a bank and a print shop to finish paperwork for selling a house tomorrow. We have to finish crossing Iowa today and all of Illinois. Iowa isn’t flat, it’s rolling hills and its pretty. Loads of corn fields of course, but soybeans too, and pastures. The Mississippi is brown and I only catch a glimpse of it when crossing over the bridge because its gusty and I’m focused on the road. I’d like to stop for a photo but there isn’t a place to do it. So much scenery and I’d love to share some…..

A Wide River Winery van rides Brian’s back tire for a while and makes me mad. Maybe I’m a little tired…..I seem a little touchy even to myself and giggle.

I pass towns like Warm Cheer and Peru. Iowa has town names that remind me of home like Neola (my grandmother’s name) and Shelby (a friend from high school). No lunch today. It’s fairly warm again today, although better than yesterday, and I’m not very hungry. So an apple juice stop keeps me going.


1000 miles done in 3 days and its all been interstate, yuck. But it’s been a good way to make time to get to New York and into Canada. Will be so good to get to the two lane roads.

I’ve decided to open one of my “emergency homesick pills” that my friend, Allie, made me. Today is Thursday, so here goes. What a thoughtful treat to have along for the journey.


I haven’t peeked at any of them until opening today’s. It makes my day. Thanks, beautiful girl. I’m sending you love from south of the South Side.

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