A day at the beach

It’s a beautiful morning and looks like it will be sunny. I put on a higher level of SPF today and the inside of helmet smells like it and reminds me of being at the beach. It’s the best kind of aromatherapy.

Heading east across the last bit of Illinois and all of Indiana goes well. The weather is good and the breeze keeps us cool. The forecast is for rain in Ohio so an early start is on order to try and get ahead of it.

The traffic on the tollways is less than I expect but there are lots of “road trains”, with 3 semi trailers, for hundreds of miles.


About 20 miles before getting off the interstate it starts to rain. I see a couple of lightning flashes up ahead somewhere and am anxious to get off the road. The rain starts to feel like hail because the drops sting more than usual but they are only large drops. There’s no place to pull off the interstate and find cover because the tollway has closed access. Soon the road is standing in an inch of water so its slow going. But after a few minutes it eases a little.

We stop for the night in a small town called Vermilion which reminds me of South Dakota (we passed Sturgis and Huron today too) even though it’s spelled differently. It sits on the shore of Lake Erie and was a summer resort in the early part of the 20th century.


A burger and fries at a local soda shop and then a speedy ride back to the hotel in wind and the first drops of a big shower. Good day. But then they almost all are.



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