Baby needs some shoes

The last nearly 2000 miles have been put on a fairly bald tire, out of being cheap as much as anything.  At first, I didn’t want to change it because I planned to put on a tire that was higher rated for off road than the one I’d been using on the Interstate.  I wanted to get as close to the gravel as possible to prevent either an extra tire change or hauling a “road” tire with me to get the rest of the use out of it after the gravel.  Then, it was because it was almost impossible to find a tire without waiting a day or two for it to be delivered to a local shop.  After trying to find a tire in western New York, upstate New York and Montreal, I finally called ahead and found one in Quebec City.  I’d been getting nervous I would have to wait a couple of days to have one shipped in, but I got lucky.  I’m kicking myself for not having changed my route to go through Hamilton, ON to get a tire at a friend’s shop -Dual Sport Plus, as I could have seen her and made arrangements to have the tire waiting……lesson learned.

Brian’s a mechanic by nature and by trade, and he is an excellent teacher. 
Bike trip July 3 thru 5 001

So here goes a tire change in a parking lot with a newbie adventure moto biker chica, a mountain bike tire pump, a friendly Quebecois man…..
Bike trip July 3 thru 5 004
Brian makes it look so easy! Bike trip July 3 thru 5 006
A funny and chatty Quebecois man makes small talk with us and even helped pump up the tire with my tiny mountain bike pump…..
Bike trip July 3 thru 5 007
Thank you, BC! I owe you a beer or two for the lesson…..I think I got it, but can you show me one more time? 😉
Bike trip July 3 thru 5 008

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