Some Newfoundlander things for me to enjoy

It’s funny, I haven’t even had the pleasure of seeing any more of Newfoundland than what I peeked at out of a couple of car windows this past two weeks – but I already think it’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I’ve had to let the internet be my tour guide while mending, and I’m learning that this place is amazing. Tammy shares great stories of Newfoundland with me and some of her beautiful photos. She provides Brian and I an entertaining evening discussion of Canadian musicians, local folklore, history, great rides to add to the “list”, tidbits on George Street, ferries and islands around the “big rock” of Newfoundland and much more.

The Newfie accent, which sounds Irish to me, is lyrical and light on the ears, if a little down home. I’m told it’s stronger in some locals than in others and sometimes hard to understand (I am told) in some of the more remote communities. Some of my favorites so far….

  • Screech – the local hair o’ the dog, and tourist tradition holds that when you get “screeched in” you do a shot of this intense hooch and kiss a cod fish and rattle off a pledge of sorts.
  • Skeet – troubled youth
  • I dies at ya – means the person saying it loves you (not in a romantic way) or something you did or you
  • Q: Whatdya at? A: Dis is it (or) nutting, again you probably get it – what are you at (or doing)? and the answers are pretty clear
  • Some ________ – ie. some hot, or some nice – means whatever it is, it is very much that
  • The cat’s arse – something pretty darn good. I was told that if a woman is said to be able to “put the arse in a cat” that she is one good woman.

Beautiful places – Gros Morne and Terra Nova National Parks – they are on my list since I arrived by “private jet” instead of on my bike and haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them yet. But the photos I have seen are beautiful and I am told they don’t do it justice. St. John and Brigus, New Melbourne, the Avalon Peninsula, Bonavista….endless miles of inlets and coves and every shade of blue sea along the rocky coasts.

Entertainment – Watched a show called The Republic of Doyle the other night which I really enjoyed. It’s set and filmed in St. John’s. Worth a look see if you get the chance.

A Newfie band I think I heard back at home on Alt Nation called The Great Big Sea. Music is really good and, I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, they remind me a bit of Mumford and Sons whom I love.

Food – I’ve tried cod tongues (which are actually not tongues), a breaded and fried somewhat rich/fatty and pretty tasty. P1040191

I had a bite of a moose burger and it tasted almost exactly like a cross between beef and buffalo. P1040190
Tried scrunchions which is a crispy fried small cube of bacon fat put on top of fish and maybe other things. Fish and chips is served with gravy and dressing (ie. Thanksgiving kind of dressing) so you can put the dresing and gravy on top of your fries, and it was pretty good too. Seal flipper pie is on the list while I am here and sounds like the most challenging of all the things I’ve heard of so far.

There is a small island (or a few) off the coast of Newfoundland, St. Pierre et Miquelon, that is located about 12 miles off-shore and is a territory of France. When you arrive from the ferry you need a passport and get a “France” stamp for the trip. The photos Tammy shared were beautiful.

Thank you, Tammy, for sharing your love of Newfoundland and all that is good about her, or at least some.

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