Mentioning the unmentionables

The foundation of any good outfit, functional or fashionable, is a good pair of undies. And in the adventure travel world you have to think about undies that will hold up well and dry quickly on the road. Often times you won’t have access to regular laundry facilities and may have to do your laundry in a sink, tub or bucket. Cotton can take forever to dry, especially in a humid climate, so other fabrics might be better. I found these ExOfficio undies at a motorcycle show in Sydney in November 2011 and bought a pair to try, which according to the label should keep me supplied for 6 weeks and 17 countries, etc. Just to be safe (and I know it goes against all those space saver motorcyclist rules) I bought a couple more than that.

June 2013 1872
The undies are great and I could actually see travelling with just 3 pair for a year and that these would last and work well. I think they make guys and gals versions of these in case anyone is interested.


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