Newfoundland scoff (food or meal)

Part of the fun of travelling for me is getting to learn about and try new foods and drinks that are local to the area I’m visiting. I’ve travelled a lot of places and always been excited to partake in some of the local fare, but not to the Andrew Zimmern level.  Rat ball soup (like meatballs made from rat meat) in Thailand, Cobra whiskey in Laos, turtle soup in Grand Cayman, Limoncello on the Amalfi coast, Sour Toe cocktail in Yukon, ceviche in Mexico, guinea pig and Alpaca in Peru, live shrimp, fried worms, seaweed soup, elk, alligator, rattlesnake, various kinds of fish and I can’t even remember what else…..some good and others not so much. Newfoundland people have lots of local foods and favorites, including the cod tongues and moose burger I tried a couple of weeks ago. The list has been growing though each week as I hear more and more about local favorites.


Bike trip late July early Aug 2013 Newfoundland 125
Danielle and Murph brought a surprise feast to the cabin last week that included 3 of the top “must try” foods on my list – moose pie, seal flipper pie and cod au gratin. Danielle made the cod au gratin from scratch using fish she and Murph caught that week, and it was fabulous. I didn’t get the full list of ingredients, but you can imagine just from the name. Seal flipper pie was a little intimidating, but I was eager to give it a go. The meat tasted a little like liver to me which isn’t my favorite, but the pie was actually really good.
Bike trip late July early Aug 2013 Newfoundland 126
Next up was moose pie – like a beef pot pie at home but with moose meat. The moose burger is more mild in most restaurants than other moose meat, so this was sure to be different, and it was. It was delicious!
Bike trip late July early Aug 2013 Newfoundland 127
And for dessert – partridgeberry pie with whipped cream. I’d never heard of them and found them to be a lot like cranberries, very tart, which was great and perfectly balanced with whipped cream as long as you used 3 parts whipped cream to 1 part pie, lol.
Bike trip late July early Aug 2013 Newfoundland 130
Thanks so much, Danielle and Murph for an incredible and delicious meal (well, actually it was more than one since we got to enjoy the leftovers too)! Still on the list: fish and brewis (salt cod and hardtack, but I’m not sure how it’s prepared), moose sausage, fish cakes, Screech (rum), some local brews like at Quidi Vidi Brewery and other local places (gotta get off the Tylenol before then), cod, cod and more cod.

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  1. Hey Michele. Keep up the healing. You will be back on the road before you know it. Sharone and the kids and I send our love and best wishes. Be well.

    • Thanks so much, Bruce, that means so much. Been meaning to drop you a line. I’m doing really well and hope to be on the bike in another couple of months. Hoping you all are enjoying a wonderful summer in the North.

  2. Okay, Neighbor—I’ve caught up with you. And what a way to catch up. Tossed down in the early going, eh? What an ADVENTURE! I’m glad you’re recuperating and will now be watching to see when you’ll be able to get back on your bike and travel some more. Also, glad that you’ve found so much kindness in Newfie Land. I admire your courage. Hoping for more healing and will now be watching to see what else is fun to eat up Northwards! Haven’t chatted with the “new” neighbors and feeling remiss about that. Met the well man yesterday, as our treasurer, Barb had called because the electric bill had been running high. Not sure what’s going on with the well, but he’s adjusted it and we’ll be watching. I think I’d better call an unofficial (or could be official?) meeting of the water association, just so we can catch up on the neighborhood gossip and see where each others’ lives have been going. Heal on, Lady and I’ll keep watching for your posts. Becky, from down the exstreet….

  3. Thanks so much, Becky! I’m doing well and hope to be on the bike in late September and heading south around October 1 if all goes well. I appreciate your well wishes and hope you have had a great summer and that the new neighbors are wonderful and enjoying the house. I certainly miss it but it deserved to be filled with a family. Will be sure to let you know when I head back that way as we need to finally do that lunch we talked about ages ago….best wishes til then,.

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