Bonavista Peninsula, Newfoundland – northern shore

Bike trip Newfoundland August 9 2013 089
After spending a great night in Bonavista and waking to the sounds of the gulls in the harbor, and fisherman working on their boats, we are off to see the northern side of the peninsula on our way back south. We follow the coast road 235 to Amherst Cove and to Upper Amherst Cove. There is a well-known local restaurant that didn’t have any seating left last night, so I’m hoping they have space for our group for lunch today. As we go through the village and then descend the hill toward the water I spot it on the left, and think we may be in luck – the sign says it’s open.
Bike trip Newfoundland August 9 2013 091
The building looks like a house with a covered porch out front that overlooks the Bonavista Bay, perfect for today’s lunch. Inside is a large brick oven used for baking wonderful breads, pizzas and more. I’m in love…..with the menu. Rhubarb lemonade, incredible desserts….oh wait, must focus on my meal first. My enjoy-life and live-in-the-moment attitudes have me eyeing dessert first. I order a rhubarb lemonade, an oven-fired pizza and follow it with partridgeberry bread pudding (similar to a cranberry in flavor and tartness). Ok, I wasn’t in love earlier, it must have been an infatuation, but after this meal, I really am in love.
Bike trip Newfoundland K30 August 9 2013 056
Across the bay I can see a white church and steeple on a hillside in a small community. After lunch we continue along the same road around the bay following the coast and going more inland at times. The road comes to King’s Cove and it turns out this is where the church is situated. It’s a lovely old church dating from 1884 – Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church.
Bike trip Newfoundland August 9 2013 103
On to Keels, a perfect small village with new saltbox houses and a picturesque pier. There is an old church being converted to a cabin, Danielle says, and it’s going to make a lovely home. Gingerbread details and lap clapboard siding and wildflowers surrounding it….
Bike trip Newfoundland K30 August 9 2013 065
We are here to see the Devil’s Footprints, a unique rock formation……I would have thought there would only be a pair of footprints or two, but there are lots, and they are on the rock walls as well as the ground… this devil did a lot of walking. It’s a great stop and a beautiful place.
Bike trip Newfoundland K30 August 9 2013 069
Back on the 235 – the Bonavista Bay Highway and on to undoubtedly another beautiful Newfoundland cove or village. I’m in awe of the endless gorgeous landscapes and vistas here.

Wishing I was home today to wish my Fruncle Ed a happy birthday…..sending him my love from Newfoundland.

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