The Burin Peninsula, Newfoundland

Collins Cove, Burin Peninsula, NL
On the southern coast of Newfoundland is the Burin Peninsula, aka The Boot, which is home to incredibly beautiful coastline and a long history of fishermen. The town of Burin itself is at the southern side of the peninsula and built in tiny coves and inlets between small islands. It’s protected and still while I am visiting, even on windy, rainy days.
Burin, NLThere is a rocky hill just feet behind an old saltbox house with brightly painted chairs perched all over the rock above. This is Poor Poet’s Poetry Hill and reminds me of Poet’s Table in the Black Hills. Inspiration must flow from the waters here as lovely as this place is with stages for fishermen on the water’s edge and seabirds crying out overhead.
Burin, NL
Burin, NL
We drive to Grand Banks – the home of many fishing families for centuries – and a drive along the southwestern end of the “boot”. There is a Fisherman’s Museum here with a beautiful mural painted on one end, proudly showing the life of the locals.
Grand Banks, NL -  Provincial Fisherman's Museum
We pass the Women’s Museum, housed in an enormous Victorian-style house (likely a former Merchant’s house) with its widows walk on the roof. There is a statue in the garden showing a widow at her perch keeping watch over the sea for a hopeful glimpse of her returning husband.
Grand Banks, NL
At Fortune’s Head the lighthouse is sounding as well as keeping the beacon lit, because there is fog on the coast today.
Fortune Head Lighthouse, Fortune, NL
Back home to put my foot up and enjoy Jig’s Dinner – boiled salt meat, turnips, carrots, potatoes, cabbage and peas pudding. The perfect end to a great day.

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