Western Newfoundland and Gros Morne National Park

Heading west from the Avalon Peninsula, I am excited to see new parts of this big rock island. Across the middle of the island and barrens and on….Rattling Brook Falls is the destination tonight. The falls are 800 feet tall (taller than Niagara Falls) and there are free campsites across the road and tent platforms along the staircase to the top.
Rattling Brook Falls, NL
A steady rain during the night combined with the roar of the falls makes for a night of light sleeping in the tent. But the morning is a beautiful one. The water is still it’s like a mirror.
Rattling Brook, NL
Continuing west along the Trans Canada Highway I see an endless parade of spruce trees and lakes. At Gros Morne National Park the landscape changes, especially in the Tablelands.
Bike Trip Newfoundland Sept 7 K-30 092
At Trout River on the west coast I watch fishermen clean their nets in the harbor and chat for a minute with two elderly men waiting on the docks for the last fishing boat of the day to come in so they can buy fish to take home. Local women sell hand-knit items from their homes.
Trout River, NL
A local family is drying salted cod on crab traps in their front yard.
Trout River, NL
Continuing north through the park on the way to the northern parts of Newfoundland, I pass by the highest peaks in the park, Gros Morne among them. There is a 40-minute hiking trail that leads to Western Brook Pond a lake within a giant inland fjord. Cruises are offered daily, if the weather is good, and take more than 2 hours. I’m not strong enough to make the hike to the ferry, so for now I can admire the mountains in the distance.
Western Brook Pond, GMNP, NL

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  1. You paint a beautiful picture in words. Thanks.

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