South by Southwest (Newfoundland style)

I’ve been told the southern and western shores of Newfoundland have some of the best scenery to offer on the rock. But I cannot imagine how that can be possible, when every which way I turn there is another beautiful landscape. Murph, who I fondly refer to as the unofficial Ambassador of Newfoundland, has given me lots of great tips and places to go, and hasn’t failed me yet. So when he said to add Burgeo and some places west of Corner Brook to my “must see” list, I did. The bad news is, I have to do all of this part of the Rock in one day. The good news is that I get to do it at all. Headed to Burgeo for the morning, down the one-hour dead-end road and back out the same way.
Road to Bergeo, NL
The landscape changes on this drive every fifteen minutes or so, moving from steep, evergreen-covered hills to rugged, rolling land. The town itself is lovely, and built on rocky outcroppings and nooks and crannies along the coast.
Bergeo, NL
There are small islands dotting the coastline here and I can see dozens in any direction. Sandbanks Provincial Park has beautiful sand beaches and the hillsides are covered with wild berries. There are people parked along every mile of the roadside today, abandoned by drivers who are collecting their fall berry harvest.
Sandbanks Provincial Park, NL
After a bite of lunch and the backtrack trip to Corner Brook, it’s off to the western end of the peninsula toward Lark Harbour. It’s been raining off and on to day and there are dozens of small, and a few large, waterfalls running down the steep hillside on the side of the road.
Road to Lark Harbour, NL
Bottle Cove provides a protected corona of beach but the narrows at the entrance to the cove is churning with waves today.
Bottle Cove, NL
Bottle Cove, NL
Newfoundland Labrador…..oh, what a beautiful place.

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  1. It looks wonderful! Beautiful pictures

    • Thanks so much. It’s a beautiful place that I can highly recommend a visit to! Wishing you well.

      • Greetings from Virginia! We will be on a cruise in just two weeks that will stop in Corner Brook. We’re thinking about just hiring a cab and going on a “little adventure”. How long did it take you to go from Corner Brook to Lark Harbour? We’ll only have about three hours free.

      • It was an hour out to Bottle Cove, which is just past Lark Harbour. It’s a beautiful coastal drive but so much depends on the weather and wind and amount of sunlight when you are here. We spent about 30-45 minutes driving around Lark Harbour, Bottle Cove and Little Port. There were no shops or restaurants open out there so its all about the landscape if you make that drive. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and wish you well on your wonderful trip!

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