Morning out at the St. John’s Farmers Market

I’m a sucker for food. And one of my favorite hobbies is gardening… a farmers market is one of my versions of heaven. This past Saturday Tammy invited me to go the St. John’s farmers market with her. Yes, please!
It’s the end of the season here and will be at home too if the weather is on its normal pace. Berries have mostly all been picked but a few are still being harvested here and there. I’ve been told now that it’s moose hunting season it’s better not to be out in the fields picking berries anyway, just too dangerous. I pick up some partridgeberries (lingonberries) which are tart and are mini-cranberry-ish. Dessert recipe hunting is now on the agenda for the afternoon. (PS – I finally decided upon a cranberry cake recipe that I can substitute my berries in. I found the recipe on which is one of my new favorite sites. I found it while surfing for a version of the cranberry cake recipe I have had for years and this recipe is almost exactly the same. The site was started by a farm wife in SOUTH DAKOTA of all places – woohoo for SD!!…’s a great site with good recipes.)
The market is held in a neighborhood community hall near a baseball field. There is a small building which houses a number of food and craft booths. Everything from sweets and baked goods to quilted things, handknit crafts (think adorable woolly rabbits with tiny sweaters), local books, handmade purses, aromatherapy oils, preserves, handmade jewelry and art. I’ve seen evidence of this land having a lot of craftsmen and artisans. People take pride in keeping skills and traditions alive. There is a man who carves wooden stamps to make prints. A woman is knitting at a table and will make custom items for you. There are food vendors serving up waffles or cupcakes, and even ethnic food – Indian and African.
Baked goods
Loved the pincushions in the background
Outside is where the veggies and fruits of the season are being sold. There are pickup trucks and vans loaded with crates of fresh produce. The end of the season means harvest of root vegetable like parsnips, carrots, turnips, beets, onions and potatoes. There are lots of cabbages, zucchini, tomatoes, cauliflower and broccoli and various types of greens: kale, swiss chard, collard greens.
Farmers market
Fresh herbs like flat parsley and basil, fresh flowers, including edible nasturtiums, mushrooms, and more. The weather is beautiful if just a little cool. The sun is out and so are the locals. Wish I had a big pot at home on the stove and a crowd of hungry relatives and friends coming over for Jiggs dinner tonight. I’d pick up the cabbage, parsnips, turnips, potatoes and carrots this morning and stop off for salted beef and split peas for pease pudding. And maybe I’d make a partridgeberry cake for dessert. We could have a kitchen party (the local version of a house party and musical jam session combined) and everyone could bring any instruments they know how to play….or in my family we could put on a CD. Being here and listening to the Irish-sounding music makes me wish I’d learned to play an instrument like a banjo. I’d say accordion too because I really like the sound of it in the local music. But playing an accordion would’ve gotten me beat up. So CD it is.

Thanks Tammy for a wonderful morning at the farmers market.

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