“Best kind” and a ferry ride with Tom Petty

“You and I will meet again, When we’re least expecting it, One day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, I won’t say goodbye my friend, For you and I will meet again.” – Tom Petty

Up early from a mediocre nights sleep. Nearly time to rip the bandaid off. Had such a fun night with friends at the Quidi Vidi Brewery while enjoying an Iceberg beer made with 25,000 year old iceberg water. Enjoyed great music at the kitchen party upstairs with local guys singing and playing upbeat Irish-sounding music on their guitars. The smell of homemade chowder and fresh bread wafting through the air smelled good. Some very dear people came to see us off and have a drink and chat. The happy hour was followed by a fish and chips dinner with Murph and Danielle and our usual lively banter.

I’ve been sorting and packing a bit for more than a week and this morning I start loading gear into my panniers and gearbag. I leave crutches, my leg brace/boot, a few toiletries and pieces of clothing and some inner tubes and oil. Lots more gear needs to go and as soon as I get back across the border to the US I will ship it home.

The forecast for Saturday had been terrible all week, calling for high winds and rain. And Friday delivered exactly that, but thankfully Mother Nature was working ahead of the weathermen and Saturday rose clear and calm. I’d asked Murph to ride my bike to the ferry (about an hour and a half away) and even with the improved weather am grateful he will take it for me so I can enjoy some good friend time for a little longer.

There’s a small caravan that blossoms unexpectedly with two cars and two bikes heading to Placentia for a bit of lunch on the shore and then to Argentia for the ferry. I appreciate the company, the sentiment and every last minute with these good people. After getting us to the ferry terminal we finish loading up bikes and then it’s time.
photo (1)
Hugs all around. Tears. And then here it is…the moment. One of those moments in life when you teeter on the knife edge between the past and the future, fully in the present…just before taking a big step into that next moment that takes you somewhere completely different. This is the kind of moment you want to freeze in time and return to, and savor. This is a moment I will carry with me. A moment with good friends. These people are genuine, generous, and funny..And as they say here, these people are “best kind”.

Trying hard to keep myself roadworthy I get my lid on and ride ahead to our assigned lane and on around to our loading lane, bypassing the potato blight spraying booth. A Tom Petty song pops into my head, at least part of it does, because i cant remember all the words. Something about not saying goodbye because we will meet again. The words I remember seem very fitting and I keep thinking of the song throughout the evening.

We pull up behind a big BMW with Chile plates and a couple who operate their own motorcycle adventure company. We load. We tie down bikes. And we climb our way to the deck with the lounge (not the bar).

It’s a calm evening and night during the crossing. I watch Newfoundland drifting farther into the distance (more tears), the sun set and the sun rise nearly 12 hours later. And sometime after 9 the next morning I roll off the boat into the sun on a crisp morning and look for the sign for the highway. My brain is filled with Tom Petty and my heart is filled with Newfoundland.

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  1. Good luck Michelle as you get back on with your trek. Our thoughts are with you. Good luck and safe travels my friend. Cheers, Bruce

  2. Hi Michelle,

    It’s the guy with the big BMW with Chile plates. Hope you and Brian enjoy the Cabot trail and maybe we’ll see you in Chile someday.

    John and Gabriela.

  3. Thank you, I really enjoyed reading this. I lived in Newfoundland for a while and it is like a second home to me. I don’t know if there is anywhere else like it in the world. What I wouldn’t do for a Quidi Vidi beer right now!

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