Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

After getting a late start to the day, I’m not sure I’m up for a 250+ ride today after lunch. Who am I kidding? I’m not sure I wanted to do that many miles even if I’d gotten moving by 9. But the weather is good. Really good. So best make hay while the sun shines…as they say.
Bike Trip Nova Scotia Sept 30 035
The Cabot Trail itself is 185 miles long, but that doesn’t include the 30+ miles I have to ride to get to it and back from it today. It’s a lovely road that curves and rolls along the coast passing through all the villages along the way. The trees are muting into their lovely autumn colors, but they don’t seem to have all gotten the memo to synchronize their timing very well. Some trees are already shed, some are still green, and a few are sporting bright colors for the season.
Bike Trip Nova Scotia Sept 30 043
There are several scenic overlooks and parks along the way, perfect for stopping for a snack or rest, or to take in the view. I can see one of the ferries leaving North Sydney for Newfoundland in the distance. Ho hum…..wistful. I cross over the Great Bras D’Or River bridge on the way north. I watch a bald eagle fly overhead as I reach the start of the trail.
Bike Trip Nova Scotia Sept 30 056
The trail runs through the Cape Breton Highlands National Park as I head toward the western shore. Just south of Pleasant Bay there is an overlook with a view of the bay below. A local woman from Baddeck is out enjoying the trail today too. We meet two guys on bikes who rode up from Texas, wow! The Ducati and Triumph Tiger look like great bikes for the trip.
Bike Trip Nova Scotia Sept 30 045
The road gets really beautiful as I go south and get closer to Cheticamp. It reminds me of the PCH near Big Sur. There are a few overlooks, each offering a different gorgeous vista. The Texans are stopped at one as I take a photo, and they show up in my mirror.
Bike Trip Nova Scotia Sept 30 047
Bike Trip Nova Scotia Sept 30 054
This route deserves a full day, and even better, an overnight so I could take my time and stop for a leisurely dinner. I’ve really enjoyed this ride. Feels good to be on the bike today, even for more than 270 miles. Light luggage, twisty roads, sunshine and no wind…perfect.Bike Trip Nova Scotia Sept 30 049
Oh yeah, and then there was that sunset…
Bike Trip Nova Scotia Sept 30 057

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  1. Stop by the blacksmith shop if you’re passing through Whycocomagh, FireHouse Ironworks,109 Main Street

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