Down on the farm in Maine

A friend from Newfoundland has put me in touch with a fellow rider who lives in western Maine.  To say she has generously invited us to come camp at her place would be an understatement.  Molly drops me a line a couple of days before we think we may be in her neck of the woods, just to break the ice and say hello. She is warm and friendly and I like her lots without having even met her yet. She invites us to come for dinner on the night of our arrival and has made a roasted a chicken, Delicata squash and potatoes for the meal. She and her husband and daughter and two apprentices are gathered around the large farmhouse table for dinner and the conversation is lively and fun.
Merrifield Farm - winter rye crop
The crew has been taking care of the chores that need to be done at the end of the season – pulling plants, selling the last of the crops at the farmstand, canning and preserving, etc.
Merrifield Farm
We are offered the use of a small cabin – rustic and cozy. It even has a front porch and rockers. There are candles inside along with books to read, small slips of paper with quotes and poetry. It’s an oasis, and perfect. It reminds me of Thoreau’s Walden and I can feel an inkling of his inspiration for the book here.
Merrifield Farm - Cornish, ME
I’m a little girl at heart and few things please me as much as getting to interact with animals. When I was younger I wanted to be a veterinarian, but that dream was not to be. So I settle for petting animals whenever I can. Petting a dog warms my heart and hours of it can restore my soul. All is right with the world, at least for a moment, when I am able to shower some animal with love. Molly’s nirvana provides this for me for a couple of days.
Molly's donkeys
There are donkeys who let me scratch their faces and ears, dogs who let me pet them and cats who will linger in my lap and purr. Love seems to be universally understood by all my animal friends. Farm cats aren’t always snuggly, but these are snuggly enough and let me pet them at every turn. Not to be mistaken for wimps though, one shows me what good hunters they are.
Bike Trip ME NH VT 109
Molly is only home for the one night so we enjoy a few hours around a campfire with her under a clear autumn sky. She is gregarious, intelligent, witty and hilarious. She has lived an incredibly interesting life, has a great outlook and inspires me. It must be something to know her well, to call her “friend”. Life is full of the most incredible gifts, that come in all forms – a random and genuine smile given to you, a found $20 bill, lucking onto a good road, enjoying a hot cup of tea as much with your chilled hands as your tummy…and the gift of meeting good people. Meeting Molly was my gift this week, and I am grateful.

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