Through New England to New York

After riding south this morning from Boston I stop by Plymouth to see the landing place of the Pilgrims and a replica of the Mayflower.
Then its on to Cape Cod for some time at the beach (in my riding gear it’s not nearly as enjoyable as I want it to be) and some lunch at a cute café in East Sandwich. The day goes while I play with my camera on the beach. Pictures of that to follow separately. Then off to the next state line and into Rhode Island for the night.

It’s a beautiful morning on Aquidneck Island in Newport, Rhode Island and the prefect weather for a slow ride up Bellevue Avenue to look at the dozens of mansions in this lovely town. The Breakers was built in the late 1800s by Cornelius Vanderbilt II and rivals any of the European castles I have toured in the past. The Vanderbilts, Astors, Kennedys and other famous and wealthy families spent their summers here in the Ocean State sailing and attending elegant parties.
The Breakers
Now Newport is the home of the International Tennis Museum and some incredible shopping. Cafes, pubs and bed and breakfasts line the narrow streets in the old part of town nearest the port.
Newport, RI soda stop
Continuing on west, I cross the bridge onto mainland Rhode Island.
Bike Trip RI CT NY 008
I ride about 150 miles in Connecticut today, and so far it has the best fall foliage I’ve seen. There are parts of Highway 9, a beautiful two-lane road, where the trees and valleys are positively aflame.
CT rest area
Just over the border from Connecticut into New York, in the town of Newburgh, is Orange County Choppers from the TV show American Chopper. So why not detour and add a few miles to the trip to make a stop here.
Bike Trip RI CT NY 013
I haven’t watched the shows for a few years, but I have always respected the work they do, especially with regard to the bikes they built for Police, Firemen, POW-MIA and other things near and dear. The place is amazing. You can tour the shop, bowl, play pool, have a drink in the bar, have a meal, shop for a t-shirt and see dozens of their bikes. What a fun detour. Now I’m off to the city. Happy girl.

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  1. We need to get up that way and ride… Great pictures as always…

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