I <3 NY

Times Square is located in the heart of Manhattan, and its where I start my sightseeing of the city today. It’s not that crowded today, but has a steady stream of people moving to and for on the sidewalks and in the pedestrian-only areas of the square. I can see the NYE ball on the tower on top of a building. All the ads and big screens and lights are bright, even on a sunny day, and it occurs to me that it’s really beautiful but imagine how much energy is used there. That must be my grandmother’s granddaughter coming out in me.
Times Square
The architecture in the city is amazing. And I especially love the water towers that still hover all the low-rise buildings downtown, especially in the Village and SoHo. There are buildings made of cast iron, but very few still exist in Manhattan.
The Village
On the way south to Battery Park to catch the ferry to see Lady Liberty I pass the Flat Iron Building, reportedly the most photographed building in the city, although I’m not sure I believe it. It really is a beautiful building with it’s ornate details and silhouette.
Bike Trip NYC 168
After a stop at the new World Trade Center area and Ground Zero location to see the new tower I board the ferry to go out to the Statue of Liberty. It’s a sunny day and the sun is shining on her. Hard to believe she has been watching over the harbor entrance for nearly 140 years now. She really is lovely, and I feel a strong sense of national pride as I look up at her.
Statue of Liberty
After getting back on Manhattan I ride the subway up to Grand Central Station to see the terminal and the Chrysler Building. My leg needs a break from all the walking, but I can’t help myself. New York is one of those cities you want to walk around in and enjoy, all the small parks, the architecture, the insane people watching, the shopping, the cafes…

I’ve been here several times, and even though I dread the traffic and crowds and the work that it is just to get around here, I really do love this city.
Bike Trip NYC 081
Two movies – An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle – are on my mind as I walk toward the Empire State Building. The line to get to the observation deck is shorter than I’ve ever seen it. I love those movies. Bike Trip NYC 094
The haze is a little too thick to get a great view or photo, but it isn’t very windy and this viewpoint can’t be beat.
Bike Trip NYC 109

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