Delaware and Maryland

Delaware is one of the two states in the U.S. that I think are sort of hard to get to (in that you have to MEAN to get there), the other is Rhode Island. I’ve been to Delaware before, via a side trip to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to drive over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel. This time it’s very convenient to get here, since it’s close to Philadelphia and on my route south. Delaware has beaches and some lovely sites to see, but I’m not making any time for them on this trip, and only going through Delaware on my way to Maryland. There are miles of flat fields with oats and soybeans waiting to be harvested, and a few fields of tall cornstalks too. We are looking for a place to stop for lunch and plan to do so in Delaware but before we know it as we wind west on a two-lane road, the fenceless fields give way to the three-rail wooden fences and horse farms of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. I turn north for a few miles and intend to get on another road and go back east toward Delaware but stumble instead into the small historic town of Chesapeake City at the foot of a tall two-lane bridge. This is the Augustine Herman Bridge, named for the Bohemian woman who originally named this small town “Village of Bohemia”. The town’s name was changed in 1839 when the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal was built here, effectively cutting the town in half. Now you can visit the northern side or the southern side by taking the drive over Augustine’s namesake.
Chesapeake City, MD
We stop for lunch at the Bohemia Café and I’m excited to have a crabcake sandwich, a local favorite. It is as yummy as I remember.
Chesepeake City, MD
There are lots of little houses, cafes and shops that line Main Street and the surrounding few blocks that form this National Historic District.
Chesapeake City, MD
Chesapeake City, MD
We meet a couple who are originally from New York and have planned for several weeks to visit this town. They stayed in a local bed and breakfast (many of the small houses here have been converted B&Bs or rentals), visited an herb farm, and then wandered through the shops and cafes for their long weekend getaway. And I stumbled upon this little slice of heaven by sheer luck. After a brief chat with them, Brian and I stroll further through the town, along the Chesapeake and Delaware (C&D) Canal. There is a small wharf here with sailboats tied up along the waterfront and at a local inn that has a bar and restaurant right on the water.
After this relaxing break in the day, I head east out of town and cross back into Delaware for an hour or so. I stop at Lums Pond State Park for a bit and then head west again toward Maryland.
Lums Pond State Park, DE

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