Carolina Coasts

After spending some long overdue and wonderful time with my bestie and her babies, and getting my bike suspension all rebuilt at Bombar’s Beemers in Durham, NC, it’s time to head out again and get ahead of the incoming winter weather. There are a few cold days predicted and even reports of snow in the western part of the state. Thanks so much to EPM Performance in New Jersey for hooking me up with some Hyperpro gear that is incredible, and to the guys at Bombar’s Beemers, a great team of guys who took such good care of me and my bike at the last minute.

I head south toward the coast, stopping off at Cape Fear for a view of the Atlantic. The cape itself is located out on Bald Head Island which is closed to all traffic, so a view from the mainland will have to do. I stop for a bite in Southport, NC at Burney’s Bakery and Ice Cream, and try the Japanese pie. I’d never heard of it, but it was delish – a combination of pecan, coconut and raisins. Snap a couple of pics at the port itself and then continue on…
Bike Trip Savannah 068
Over a bridge and onto Oak Island to stop and see the Oak Island Lighthouse…
And then to Caswell Beach for a photo of the sun…but as I do so I think it looks like a beautiful sunset coming and then remember I have 100 miles left to ride before dark so I had better get going.
That night I see on Facebook that it’s snowing in Charlotte, NC and know it is time to push south, and quickly. The next few days are predicted to be very cold and I worry about freezing rain on roads. So the next morning Brian and I head toward Charleston and stop for a quick warm up there at the Bake House Café.
Bike Trip Savannah 080
Bike Trip Savannah 079
Then we ride by the Battery and pull over for a photo of the waterfront homes and of Fort Sumter off the coast, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired.
Fort Sumter

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