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Bike Trip Memphis 072
Today I ride into and across Alabama and am heading for Mississippi. I’m reminded of the funny way of spelling it out we used in elementary school and giggle. I’ve been to Mississippi before but this time will be visiting a cousin and her family, as they have graciously invited us to stay.

Somewhere west of Tuscaloosa, Alabama on the side of the road we see another boiled peanut stand. They are everywhere in the south, but especially plentiful in Georgia and Alabama. It will be the end of the day when we get into Mississippi, so we take advantage of the opportunity and pull over to give them a try. I’m usually up for trying local foods and I’ve been wanting to try these all week after seeing signs for them everywhere. The hard part is trying to find a stand that looks clean enough that you are willing to eat their food.
Bike Trip Memphis 070
This one is, I am told by the man ahead of me in line, the best around so I feel a bit lucky. Forkners’ bright yellow and blue sign seems to be attracting a lot of people along this stretch of open highway. I have the choice of plain boiled peanuts (which many people have said they would pass on), Cajun boiled peanuts or roasted peanuts. I opt for the Cajun ones. Mr. Forkner (I’m assuming that’s his name since this looks like a one man show) offers me one to try and it’s yummy. Reminds me a lot of edamame with a little Old Bay seasoning flavor too. $5 worth please and then up the road to pull over for a Coke to complete the snack.
Bike Trip Memphis 071
As I cross in to Mississippi, the sign says “birthplace of America’s music” and my mind wanders to Tupelo, birthplace of Elvis, and to the Delta, birthplace of the Blues. It’s very humid tonight and there’s a storm coming in, a good time to get off the road. And even better, we will be with family.

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  1. This sounds like it will be an interesting and fun trip. I’ve never been anywhere near Mississippi. I also love boiled peanuts. My grandparents are from the south so I grew up eating them up north.

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