Walking in Memphis

After riding on a rainy Sunday morning to get to Memphis, Brian and I get to relax for a few days with my friend Heather at her and Bruce’s place, and I get some puppy love from their two mastiffs. Memphis is such a great town, filled with character, music and incredible food. We take a day to tour the downtown area and visit some of the historical sites. First up, the Civil Rights Museum, a moving place to visit, and the attached Lorraine Hotel where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. It’s frozen in time in the horrible moment.
Lorraine Motel Memphis
Just a few blocks away in downtown is Beale Street, home to music shops, bars and clubs and lots of neon signs.
Beale Street
Bike Trip Memphis 083
After wandering through the area and meeting 91-year-old Clyde Hopkins in front of the Memphis Music store and getting his autograph on a CD, we wander down to the Peabody Hotel to see the ducks in the lobby fountain.
Peabody Hotel
Lunch at a Creole place, Deja Vu on Main Street and then a drive across the Mississippi River to the Arkansas border and West Memphis.
Mud Island and the Mississippi River
Graceland isn’t that far from downtown. The stone and brick walls out front are covered in graffiti. The front gates are decorated with silhouettes of Elvis and music notes. They are open and I catch a glimpse of the house, but decide not to go in. Blue lights line the driveway and there’s a Nativity scene set up on the front lawn. Christmas at The King’s…
Bike Trip Memphis 132

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