Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma

Riding out of Memphis is the beginning of a race…a race against the weather. Winter Storm Boreas and I are apparently playing a game of chicken that I am really chicken about. He is heading east while we ride north and west to try to get Brian to a few more states he hasn’t seen yet. First up, Kentucky.
It’s only about 120 miles from Memphis to the state line. This is farm country. Miles and miles of fields line both sides of the road. I’m tracing along the Mississippi’s right bank and wander into Paducah (ok, well this was sort of by mistake) before turning west and crossing the river on a very tall bridge to reach Missouri.
Bike Trip New Orleans 105
Missouri is beautiful. Between Poplar Bluff and Waynesville (where there are cute antique shops) there are some beautiful meandering two lanes roads, some go through Mark Twain National Forest and others through a few state parks. Twain was born near the banks of the Mighty Mississippi which probably helped to inspire some of his stories. This is Ozark country and it’s curling up for a winter nap. It rains most of the day today so I don’t stop for pictures of the dreary cold day and wet roads. It’s getting cold too and Boreas is in western Oklahoma snowing his little pants off on his way toward me. I keep watching the weather to see where the rain will cross with the cold and make the roads a concern…but it hasn’t happened yet. So it’s west again toward Kansas.
Bike Trip New Orleans 104
It’s bitterly cold on the way and I’m maxing out my heated gear, thermals, layers and disposable foot warmers. Kansas is the farthest north I have been in a while, and it reminds me of the difference between my home latitude and that of the southern United States. There is a marker on State Line Road somewhere near an Indian casino that is in the northeast corner of Oklahoma and the only way to get there is to drive in on a road from Missouri…it’s weird. You can wander down this rough gravel and asphalt potholed road and find the 75-year-old stone tower that marks the corner where 3 states come together – Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma.
Bike Trip New Orleans 110
Ok, that’s enough. I will be the first to turn in this game of chicken. And I’m turning south…hopefully for the winter.

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  1. Been there done that… Playing chicken with the weather.

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