Bike Trip New Orleans 113
Riding into Bella Vista from western Missouri, you get to see beautiful rock canyons and walls along the sides of the road on Highway 71. Bella Vista is a beautiful little town, from what I can see, and northwest Arkansas (NWA according to the locals) looks like it is too. The woman in the visitor center suggests a ride down the Pig Trail (Highway 23) but it’s going to be so cold the next day that it will have to stay on the “must see” list for another time. Instead it’s a mad dash down through Fort Smith and then east alogn the interstate and south again on Scenic Highway 7 toward Hot Springs…going as far as I can before the ice storm from Boreas catches me.
sign 2
The road is beautiful and winds through forests and near state parks on its way to Hot Springs National Park and the town of the same name. Central Avenue is lined with old buildings and shops. It’s charming. Lots of art deco styled shops and old bath houses and a grand old hotel…I wish the weather was better so I could stop and see it, but the pouring rain is pushing me to find a hotel room instead. After a day off to wait out the ice, we keep moving further south along the Scenic 7 which is also on the Civil War Trail and the Heritage Trail. Next stop Louisiana.

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  1. Arkansas is one of my favorite states to ride in, especially in early fall. Hwy 123 is even better than 23 if you ever get the chance. Looks like you’re running into some tough weather. If you make if over to Moore, OK area let me know and I’ll fix you a hot chocolate or coffee to warm you up some.

  2. Nice post and pictures as always. I like riding Arkansas. Many great motorcycle roads… particularly Highway 7. This is one our rides in Arkansas…

    Looking forward to you next post….

    Ride safe…

  3. Thanks so much, Texas Rambler! I really appreciate your following the blog, and your kind comments. I’m always in search of a great road so please feel free to share any suggestions.

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