Nachtitoches, Louisiana…a Steel Horse and Steel Magnolias

One of my favorite movies years ago was Steel Magnolias (with Julia Roberts, Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine, Daryl Hannah, Olympia Dukakis). A half dozen women who are friends or related live in a small Louisiana town and share laughter, tears and loss. It was filmed in a Nacthitoches (Say Nack-a-dish…yeah, I know, but just go with it. When I asked the hotel desk clerk how to say it she said I needed to just ignore the letters in the spelling and say Nack-a-dish.) along the Cane River Lake in northern Louisiana. In real life the town celebrates a Christmas time festival of lights that lasts the whole month of December, and they show a bit of it in the movie. So as it happens this is where we stop at the end of a cold day of riding in the rain. Christmas lights are hung all over downtown and along the river and are illuminated from dusk til dawn each day throughout the season. The downtown buildings have balconies with railings and are hung with baskets of flowers. Some are pink and remind me of the part of the movie where Julia Roberts’ character, Shelby, is getting married and says pink is her signature color and she has chosen “blush and bashful” as the colors for her wedding.
Bike Trip New Orleans 116
There are ducks and geese swimming along in the river and the sun is shining.
Bike Trip New Orleans 118
Live Oak trees line the river edge. Now if only I could go over to Miss Truvy’s and get my hair done.

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