One of my favorite books is Charles Kuralt’s America. So sorry if I’ve said this before and am being repetitive. But if I am it’s because that’s how much I love it. In it he spends an entire year on the road enjoying his favorite cities in our beautiful country. He carefully chooses 12 places to spend a full month at the perfect time of year for that place. He spent January in New Orleans. And so, even though my timing isn’t the same, I have come to New Orleans for a small dose of this eclectic and spirited city.
Bourbon Street
Bourbon Street is quiet and fairly clean in the daytime, and I have a chance to enjoy it more before lunchtime than I do after dark. Maybe it’s my age, but it isn’t my kind of place when it’s crawling with street hawkers, drunks and scantily-clad girls. In the warm sun and gentle breeze though, I can admire the architecture and history, the mix of Spanish and French influence, and the uniqueness of this place. Where else can you buy a dried alligator head and a tutu all in one store?
Bike Trip New Orleans 179
I spend a day wandering through the usual and landmark places – Jackson Square, Bourbon Street, The French Market and the French Quarter, Café du Monde for beignets, and Central Grocery for a Muffuletta.
Bike Trip New Orleans 061

Bike Trip New Orleans 071
A river boat is tied up along the banks of the Mississippi.
Bike Trip New Orleans 135
There are streetcars and cemeteries, Hurricanes and pralines, Creole in cafes and café au laits, jazz and voodoo, the mighty Mississippi, and a parade. Thanksgiving parades don’t just happen in New York, I guess.
Bike Trip New Orleans 161
Charles Kuralt made a good choice with this one.

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  1. I’ll have to add that book to my reading list…thanks for the recommendation!

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