The Louisiana Coast

After riding over the longest bridge in North America and crossing Lake Pontchartrain, I turn west on Highway 22 and make way past Baton Rouge and eventually Lafayette. Riding south out of Lafayette on Highway 167 and west on the 82 through the heart of bayou country, I see crawfish traps floating in some of the flooded rice fields. Two crops for the price of one I think…very smart. But later I find out the crawfish eat the rice for their food, a bait of sorts, and so the paddies still only produce a single crop. There are dry rice fields here too, as well as tall sugar cane alternated between them.
Bike Trip San Antonio 061
Cane is being harvested all over the area, and I see trucks and trailers filled with cane being hauled to processing plants while the stubble is burned from fields.
Bike Trip San Antonio 056
There are waterways everywhere and occasionally I see what look like hunting or fishing camps along the road, but I think there must be camps and cabins everywhere along the coast.
Bike Trip San Antonio 073
The further west I go the more I see that almost all houses here are built to be above the ground. I’m not sure if its for ventilation or flooding or both.
Bike Trip San Antonio 076
And all the trees are draped in moss.
Bike Trip San Antonio 075
After winding through miles and miles of Creole Nature Trail roads (aka Louisiana Outback) and crossing several small drawbridges that cross the waterways, I finally cross the Cameron canal on the ferry. There are pelicans and seabirds perched on the piers and posts in the canal.
Bike Trip San Antonio 087
Then the road comes right out on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. I stop for a break and watch the birds out on the man-made reefs/pilings just a little way off shore. There are a dozen oil rigs visible on the horizon. Men are working just down the road on a pipeline. I’m not one to lecture, but I really hope they are careful. This shoreline has seen enough impact from man already. It’s as beautiful as can be and I’d love it to stay that way.
Bike Trip San Antonio 116

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  1. You must have passed right by us at The Cabin!

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