Dallas, Austin and San Antonio

Dallas is an incredibly beautiful and charismatic city, and it was my home for 8 years when I was a child. Downtown is home to glass skyscrapers, Union Station, the lively West End, shopping and cafes. And Dealey Plaza is here too, the place where JFK was shot when his motorcade drove past the Texas Schoolbook Depository.
Bike Trip San Antonio 159
The building has now partly been converted to the Sixth Floor Museum, an incredible place to visit. The exhibit recounts all the events of the day, letting you come to your own conclusion. It’s been 50 years and a couple of weeks since that dark day when I visit this place for the first time in decades.
Bike Trip San Antonio 162
I only have one day in Dallas. There’s an ice storm coming, and it looks bad…so I’m off to Austin to hopefully get away from it.

Austin, the capitol of Texas, is a beautiful place too.
Bike Trip San Antonio 170
Loads of western charm and city sophistication. Home to food trucks, creativity, great music and nightlife. I stop in for some goodies at the original Whole Foods, my favorite store in the whole world. Yes, that’s the kind of girl I am, Whole Foods and Costco (for wine and nibbles) make my heart go pitter pat. Tiffanys hasn’t got anything on that heavenly grocery store.
Bike Trip San Antonio 178
One of the things my friend Heather suggested I put on the “must see” list for Austin is a visit at dusk to the Congress Avenue Bridge. Depending on the season, there are as many as 2 million bats living under the bridge that fly out each evening to venture out for food. So on this cold evening, that’s where I’m headed.
Bike Trip San Antonio 189
I can hear the bats chattering, but after 45 minutes of this bitter cold, finally give up. Google can show me what it looks like later, after I go warm up. Austin has been fun.Hill Country lies to the west of the city and I had hoped to be able to ride through the area at a leisurely pace, but that darn winter storm thing is still going on, so it’s off to San Antonio to put a few more miles between myself and snow. I remember coming here as a child and one of my favorite photos is of me and my mother standing in front of the Alamo. I’ve come back to see it again. The history and story of the Alamo is inspiring. The building seems smaller than I remember…time has a way of doing that to things.
Bike Trip San Antonio 005
That evening we wander along the edges of the River Walk and enjoy the Christmas lights.
It’s just as lovely during the day.
Bike Trip San Antonio 017
The cities of Texas are as beautiful as I remember. It’s been so fun to enjoy some of them again after all these years.

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