Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park quietly guards the southern border of our nation. It looks like the lovechild of the Grand Canyon and the Badlands with a little bit of mountain range showing up in the gene pool too. It’s a mixture of bluffs, mesas, spires, buttes, desert and prairie.

There is only one word for this place……Wow. And not with an exclamation point like you’re screaming it, but instead with a long, drawn out, nearly overwhelmed-by-its-beauty kind of sigh as you say it, over and over and over again. Wow.
Bike Trip Big Bend 031
Bike Trip Big Bend 055
Bike Trip Big Bend 042
The Christmas Mountains are here and I capture them somewhere in the distance of the following photograph….perfect timing since its December.
Bike Trip Big Bend 035
The park is big and somehow seems more three-dimensional than other places. The peaks are sharper and seem more contrasted against the plains than elsewhere.
Bike Trip Big Bend 159
The green-blue Rio Grande River traces a thin line between the United States and Mexico. There are no fences and I watch a couple of riders wade their horses through the shallow river crossing into the other country.
Rio Grande near Boquillos del Carmen
There are so many kinds of cacti here – barrel, cholla, ocotillo, and others. And I find one with 3-inch long spines.
Bike Trip Big Bend 228
As I ride from Panther Junction, park headquarters, down to Rio Grande Village to see the river crossing to Boquillas del Carmen, I see something crossing the road about 100 yards up ahead. It’s slow and small but I can see it. As I get closer I try hard to make out what it is, only to find out when I get there that it is a tarantula. Imagine a spider so big you can see it crossing the road from that far away. That one spooks me too much for me to stop and take a picture of. I’m creeped out by spiders. But on day two I park and get a pic of a smaller one. Tarantulas are fuzzy and chubby so they aren’t quite as scary as other kinds of spiders even though they’re bigger. Maybe the fuzz and chub make them seem more like a stuffed animal version of a spider to me.
Bike Trip Big Bend 192
Even with the spiders, this place is worth every mile.

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  1. I’m glad you made it to Big Bend… Lots to see and do… Your next trip needs to be in the spring when everything is in bloom. The Big Bend area is our favorite place to ride in Texas… Great Post and pictures…

    Ride safe…

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