An Oasis in the Texas desert

Bike Trip Big Bend 254
Somewhere out west, and way down south I get to cross paths, intentionally, with a new friend. Well, two friends actually. A man and a dog.
Bike Trip Big Bend 252
I’ve been following this wonderful blog for a while and reached out one day a while back to introduce myself and tell the blogger how much I enjoyed his words, recipes and gorgeous sunset photos. Ara publishes a blog and some of the most incredibly beautiful sky photos I have ever seen. He is a chef and foodie, and has been travelling the country for the past 7 (or more?) years on a BMW with a sidecar. He has been accompanied by his friend, a rescued a Pitbull named Spirit, who rides shotgun in said sidecar.
Bike Trip Big Bend 272
A couple of weeks ago when my travel plans started to become more clear and I knew I would be relatively close to his part of the world, I asked Ara if it would be okay with him and Spirit if I stopped by. He graciously said it would. It’s late in the day when we arrive, much later than I had hoped. Ara invites us to stay, provides us a wonderful home-cooked meal and shelter, and shares some stories from the road with us. It’s food for the body and for the soul.
Bike Trip Big Bend 256
Brian and I appreciate his incredible generosity and really enjoy his company. He suggests some good roads to ride before we break camp the next morning. And with a wave, he and Spirit are off again, and so are we.
Bike Trip Big Bend 258
He inspires me. He makes me laugh. Ara that is. And Spirit raises my spirits. No that they need it. I’m just a dog junkie at heart, and he gives me a good dose of some puppy love, which always makes me happy. Pitbulls get a bad rap, and I hope people start to realize that and take more responsibility for their handling and training of these special dogs. They deserve all the chances at a happy life that all breeds do.

If I were home I would be buying one of Ara’s calendars to brighten my wall.

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