Texas Mountain Trail

The very western point of Texas is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in our country. Big Bend National Park, Big Bend Ranch State Park, ghost towns, trendy west Texas towns, hot springs, canyons, the Rio Grande…I ride through a few of towns in the area: Alpine, Marfa (home of the Marfa lights…you will have to look it up, and where one of my favorite movies, Giant, was filmed), Fort Davis, and others. Marfa shows off a few art galleries and cafes. Alpine has a great main street with restaurants and shops. Fort Davis is where the historic fort was first established in the mid 1800s.
Bike Trip Carlsbad 006
Bike Trip Carlsbad 013
The land is dry here, but there are lots of ranches and I see cattle grazing in what seems like harsh, dry land to me.
Bike Trip Carlsbad 043
There are feral pigs on the loose too, javelinas, and they don’t shy away from the sound of a bike.
Bike Trip Carlsbad 015
I stop in at McDonald Observatory and ride up the mountain to see the Hobby-Eberly telescope which is undergoing renovations. I would love to see what it does out in the depths of space.
Bike Trip Carlsbad 042
There are roadrunners everywhere and I watch one climb in and out of a fence near the observatory as it hunts for food. Then another runs across a parking lot heading for the shade of a parked car.
Bike Trip Carlsbad 033

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  1. Great post and pictures as always… I’ve been loving all of you post the last few months… I wish I had the time and money to take a trip like you have been on. Thanks for sharing…

    Alpine and Fort Davis are my favorite towns in the Big Bend area and the fort is my favorite old fort in Texas. Anyone who travels out that way should take some time to see the Marfa Lights… We have seen them every time we have gone to see them… but I would ride a ways down the road to get away from the observation point. Too much light there. They tried to minimize the light but it is much better away from there.

    I would move to Alpine or Fort Davis in a heart beat… but it is too far from the grand kids for Janet…

    We may be riding back there this spring… The best place to ride in Texas… I’ve posted lots of stuff on the Big bend area on my blog ( http://www.thetexasrambler.com/2012/11/02/big-bend-area-of-texas-information/ ) for those who may be thinking about riding out that way. You won’t be sorry if you do take the ride…

    Oh, and if you do ride that way keep an eye out for the wildlife… Dawn and dusk is the worst. They can ruin a trip it you hit one…

    Ride safe…

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