White Sands

Bike Trip NM to AZ 027
White Sands National Monument is a unique place, resting between to mountain ranges in a valley near Alamogordo, New Mexico. The area was first explored by U.S. Cavalry in the mid-1800s.
Bike Trip NM to AZ 046
You access it from Highway 70 about 16 miles west of town, and then ride north into the sandy flats a few miles on tarmac before the road changes to sand.
Bike Trip NM to AZ 003
The sand is blindingly white and I have a hard time photographing it without my sunglasses on so that I can see the camera screen clearly. There are cacti, grass and yucca plants growing in places, but in others this place is a sea of sand dunes.
Bike Trip NM to AZ 045
Bike Trip NM to AZ 051
There are lots of tracks and trails in the sand where people venture off the road out to climb a dune and get a better look. But the winds quickly erase the footprints.
Bike Trip NM to AZ 008
It’s beautiful…

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  1. Have you actually ridden there or you just posting photos of places you want to visit?

    • Thanks for checking my blog out. I left my home in South Dakota in June and have logged over 15,000 since then…which means I’m a little slow but I am definitely riding and posting pics of places I visit on this bike trip. I don’t take many with my bike in the pic just because I’m a scenery girl…but maybe I should post a few more so people know I’ve ridden. Wishing you well.

  2. Wow, just started following your blog a little while back and have enjoyed your travels immensely. I LOVE the pictures and the stories. I think it’s amazing that you are traveling the world! My new years resolution is to take a 3-4 day bike trip every month of riding season (March through October) and can’t imaging taking on the world!

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