Across Arizona

After fighting a strong crosswind for a day, I’m tired. My neck is sore from my bobble-head struggle across the desert. And the next morning greets me with rain. But at least the wind is gone. And the storm clouds make for a gorgeous sky.
Bike Trip AZ 029
We stop to see the Boneyard, home to more than 4000 retired aircraft, at the Pima Air and Space Museum near Tucson on the way to Scottsdale.
Bike Trip AZ 005
You can’t actually get out and walk around the aircraft, but you can tour by bus or sneak a pic here and there from the roadside like I did.
Bike Trip AZ 010
Riding out of Tucson north on the 79 and then the 77, I enjoy the landscape on the Pinal Pioneer Parkway. It’s a beautiful road, made more so by the amazing stuff going on in the sky today.
Bike Trip AZ 022
What a great day to ride in the desert…and thankfully, I am able to weave my way between walls of rainfall and have a fairly dry day.
Bike Trip AZ 023

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  1. I sure am enjoying reading about your travels. Stay safe.

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