The Border to San Felipe

It’s 150 miles via the main highways to San Felipe from the border. The crossing has taken longer than I had expected, but that will be the story from now on. Clocks run slower in Latin America, and for that matter, most of the world than I am used to. We have 150 miles to cover before we call it a day. So after getting through San Luis at Rio Colorado we head west on the tollway to cover some ground and then head south on Mexico 5 toward San Felipe. We stop for a minute at the 5 to get a drink and catch our breath, and I want to stop at a taco stand set up next to a gas station but dinner will have to wait.
Bike Trip Into Mexico 021
The road isn’t really any fun near the border. Everyone has said to get at least 60 miles south of the border on the day you cross in, and I can see why. Within about that distance today there is nothing but traffic and junk, gas stations, run down houses and not really anything pretty. But once we get past that point the road opens up into a plain with views of mountains and in places the road follows the coast.
Bike Trip Into Mexico 022
Bike Trip Into Mexico 028
Bike Trip Into Mexico 041
The town is small and touristy but its cute. There is a mariachi band on the corner on the Saturday night we arrive in town fresh from the border crossing. I have one too many celebratory margarita and spend my first full day in the country perched on the bathroom floor. Welcome to Mexico indeed. But by early afternoon I am feeling better, at least enough to wander down to the beach and take a peek at the lighthouse and some surfers and kayakers.
Bike Trip Santa Rosalia 051
I’m being reintroduced to Mexican dogs. And the one near Kiki’s where we stay is a sweetie. I love island dogs and Mexican dogs, South American dogs, Asian dogs….most of the rest of the world’s dogs work in a different hierarchy than American dogs. They don’t live in fenced yards or have leashes. Many don’t have collars even if they have homes. They roam the streets freely and most everyone knows where they belong. They have to work out their own social tiers and are usually really respectful of each other. There aren’t dog fights, other than an occasional barking session from which everyone leaves with all they parts they came into the argument with. All in all I like how it works.
Bike Trip Santa Rosalia 049
Heading south to more of the Baja and more dogs.

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  1. Great post and pictures… I haven’t been south of the border in a long long time… I would love to ride there but… Living here in Texas we are bombarded with all that is bad in the news down there… and I have friends that have had some bad experiences… I’m glad you got to go. It’s a shame that things are getting bad down there.

    Ride safe…

    • Thanks so much, as always, for your supportive words. I have to say I was more than a little scared to cross over, and I’m wary every day. I think it’s good to be on guard…and frankly, there’s plenty to be wary of in our own country so I am cautious everywhere I travel. I intentionally have avoided reading too much cuz I’m sure I would have stayed home. Lots of good stories and bad stories, and I’m just gonna do what I can do. Thanks for the well wishes, and I wish you the same my friend.

      • True, there is plenty to be wary of here. I do avoid places and situations here. I guess not knowing everything that is going on below the border is the scary part. The unknown is scary… but that scary (Mexico) can cause you a lot of harm… Glad you were cautious and had a good ride.

        Looking forward for the next adventure…

  2. Are you on Google Plus? I find it so much easier to follow bloggers on Google Plus.
    I plan on doing a Baja trip in a few years, I will be following you to learn.
    Thanks for the pictures

    • I am but I don’t post my blog updates there…will see if I can figure it out, so thanks for the idea. Wishing you happy travels!

      • Actually I post most of your post on google+. If you enable the google+ on the “share this:” it makes it easier for other google+ readers to post your stuff there. You may want to enable “Stumbleupon” “Tumbler” and “Reddit” buttons too.

  3. Looks great! cannot wait to travel mexico and have those tacos…

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