Northeastern Baja

Bike Trip Santa Rosalia 059
South from San Felipe after recovering from my hangover yesterday, and I am headed for Bahia de (Bay of) Los Angeles today, or at least I think I am at the start of the day. The roads runs by Gonzaga Bay and there is a place to stop for fresh fish tacos for lunch. Just before Puertocitos there is a well known stop off. Cow Patty’s serves cold beer and hot dogs. But I’m still off beer today, so a Coke it is. A man named Memo is working today and he cracks me up with his English, more like Spanglish.
Bike Trip Santa Rosalia 061
Then it’s on to Gonzaga Bay on the continuation of Highway 5, but that is where the tarmac will end. The Bay is really big and lots of fishing boats sail from nearby to go out and harvest fish from the Sea of Cortez.
Bike Trip Santa Rosalia 067
Alfonsina’s is a local place that has hotel rooms, beachfront, and a restaurant and cantina. The place is not very busy today but a steady stream of what appears to be tourists trickles through. I enjoy some fish tacos for lunch and then walk out the front of the hotel to look at the smaller boats used by locals and the sand airstrip out front.
Bike Trip Santa Rosalia 060
Then I stand out back for a while and watch the pelicans diving for fish and the other sea birds wait to enjoy the leftovers.
Bike Trip Santa Rosalia 072
The last couple of miles into Gonzaga Bay were filled with construction and equipment and lots of men working to presumably continue the road south from here. But for now it is still gravel, and sand and rock to Coco’s Corner from Gonzaga Bay. And that is my next stop.

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  1. Thanks for your blog and photos. Brings back great memories of Alfonsinas, Bahia de LA and Gonzaga in 1972 at 14 riding Baja with my father and friends. It was a trip young boys dream of. Glad you are enjoying it with Brian. Travel safe, I look forward to more of your great adventures.

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