Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja California

After finally making it out of Coco’s road and over the next 15 miles or so of rocky, windy, hilly, sand and gravel kidney-jostling road, I get back to the main highway at Chepala. I’m headed for Bahia De (Bay of) Los Angeles or BOLA as it is sometimes known by the English-speaking crowd. There aren’t a lot of miles to cover today, and they are beautiful. And after crossing from Coco’s Corner, the asphalt feels really, really good.

BOLA is located off the main highway about 40 miles, and to head south I will have to backtrack that same road before turning south on the highway toward the rest of Baja. The peninsula is 1000 miles long, and I’d better pick up the pace.

These are all pics from my time in Bahia de Los Angeles. Thanks so much Allan and Lee for being such great traveling companions and tour guides. Allan built me a figurative bridge into Mexico and held out a hand to help this nervous girl cross into this beautiful land. Thank you, Allan, for starting this adventure out perfectly.

Bike Trip Santa Rosalia 114
Bike Trip Santa Rosalia 119
Bike Trip Santa Rosalia 124
Bike Trip Santa Rosalia 026
Bike Trip Santa Rosalia 170
Bike Trip Santa Rosalia 144
Bike Trip Santa Rosalia 151

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