Bahia Concepcion

South along the coast from Santa Rosalia the road traces the waters edge more often than not. It’s only maybe 50 miles or so to the town of Mulege, which rests on the banks of the Mulege River as it spills into the Sea of Cortez. As I top a hill and round a bend the landscape transitions instantly from desert to oasis. There are hundreds of tall palms and lush plants that line the rivers edge and the road intersects the river at Mulege.
Mulege, BCS Sur
Bike Trip Loreto 073
Mulege turns out to have some great food spots…Felix makes great fresh fish tacos for about $1.25 each…and Mago’s has fresh homemade coconut ice cream for just under $2 for a big bowl.
Bike Trip Loreto 062
Bike Trip Loreto 066
We are invited to stay with a local rider, who is on ADV, and his wife somewhere along the Bahia Concepcion. They are the nicest people and generous hosts. Staying with them rivals staying in any great resort. They let us use their kayaks a few times and introduce us to their friends, share meals and drinks with us…and are lovely people. We spend an evening with a lovely bunch of people learning to cook Thai food from a beautiful Filipino woman. You can’t make this stuff up, it’s like a fantasy vacation.
Bike Trip Posada 032
This area is full of ex pats, retirees, mainly American and Canadian. And the living is good here, I can see why they return year after year.
Bike Trip Loreto 025
I watch pelicans and cormorans out at a reef off shore from the kayak. A sealion swims and fishes just feet away from me. The sea is smooth as glass one day and I could drift along for hours just relaxing in the sun.
Bike Trip Posada 148
Bike Trip Loreto 019
Cormoran and Pelicans

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  1. Enjoying your trip, thanks for sharing.

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