San Javier, B.C.S.

About 25 miles from Loreto, there is a lovely small village tucked into the Los Gigantes Mountains. The road has been washed away in many places because of heavy rains and steep, easily eroded walls of the canyons along the way. It’s under construction for several miles as you climb up the walls of the canyon to reach mountain plateau where this small village rests.
Bike Trip La Paz 004
Road to San Javier
Bike Trip La Paz 006
There are several water crossings, or vados, along the route and 7 of them have water today. They must have water most of the time because there is a layer of green algae growing on the concrete and makes for a slippery crossing. I get across them all fine, but on the way out the 5th one catches me and I drop my bike onto its left side. My poor bike….but the water actually feels sort of good.
Bike Trip La Paz 012
The village is very small, and has a hostel and a couple of shops and restaurants. In the heart of the town is the Mission, founded in 1699. It has taken on a few different incarnations, and this building has been here more than 250 years.
Bike Trip La Paz 216
Bike Trip La Paz 234
Bike Trip La Paz 238
The church is lovely and cool inside on this hot day. Butterflies and hummingbirds hover around the flowers on the shrubs outside. The road goes south deeper into the mountains from here, but I am going back to the highway for an easier route to cover more miles today. Trying to get further south, and every mile and day get warmer and dustier. So after a bite of lunch, its back up the cobblestoned street and north toward Loreto again.

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