Todos Santos, Baja California Sur

The bottom of the Baja Peninsula is filled with touristy towns and gringos. Places like Todos Santos (All Saints) and the Cabos (aka Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas, San Juan del Cabo, etc.) are really popular vacation spots.  The beaches are incredible. The prices and menus and beer are very American-ized and cater to the tourists.
Bike Trip La Paz 048
The Hotel California on the main street of Todos Santos reminds me of the song, but despite confusing comments to the contrary, this isn’t THE hotel featured on the Eagles album cover. That one is in Beverly Hills.
Bike Trip La Paz 050
Galleries are filled with local artisans works. Some are very expensive looking, some more for the tourists, and some are just cute and fun.
Bike Trip La Paz 042
If I had room on the bike, I’d load up on beautiful colorful pottery and tiles.
Bike Trip La Paz 062
It’s a cute town, but a little too touristy for me. The colors and local people make it lovely. Now off to find a beach to camp on.
Bike Trip La Paz 053
Bike Trip La Paz 049

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  1. keep on riding. good stuff.

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