El Pescadero and on to the Cabos

A few miles south of Todos Santos and about 50 miles from Cabo San Lucas is a grouping of beaches perfect for watching sunsets or surfing. Beach camping is on the menu for tonight. Brian rides my bike for me since the deep sand and I haven’t decided what to make of each other yet.
Bike Trip La Paz 070
He carves a nice trail down the dune to a flat spot perfectly protected from the wind.
Bike Trip La Paz 072
The sunset is subdued this evening, obscured a bit by the heavy clouds on the horizon.
Bike Trip La Paz 092
We watch the whales spraying as they come up for air, and I even get to see one breach and make a huge splash as it comes back down.
Bike Trip La Paz 091
On the way back to the tent after watching the sunset, I see a crab trying to sneak his way across the beach. He isn’t happy that I’ve gotten this close and am trying to take his picture. He raises his one-inch white claws at me in a threatening manner. It reminds me of Elaine and George Costanza’s dad on Seinfeld having an argument and he says to Elaine: “You wanna piece of me?!”. I giggle. So I take a quick pic and move on.
Bike Trip La Paz 150
In the morning I watch 25-30 surfers bobbing up and down in the low swells waiting for their waves. Beach dogs and surfer dudes chill in the morning sun.
Bike Trip La Paz 158
Bike Trip La Paz 169
Bike Trip La Paz 173
Then its time to pack up and head back to the highway and on toward Cabo San Lucas. A “butthole surfer” is in our way at first, but then points us in the right direction and gets over himself. A Saskatchewan woman mentioned something about “beach politics” this morning and although I’d never heard of such a thing, I get a dose of it from the B.S. and now am a little wiser. There are a lot of people riding around the beaches on dirt bikes and quads and 4X4’s tearing up the sand, etc. We pulled onto the beach and parked and rolled straight out the next morning. I was told that I was destroying turtle habitat, and if I was, I am profoundly sorry for my ignorance and my actions. I wasn’t riding all over and spraying sand and making noise pollution like the other people were, but I can see how it reflects on us all. So for those of you out there riding, please be respectful of the environment, and I will try to do the same.

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  1. Wow – I’m be in Cabo San Lucas tomorrow afternoon myself. I’ll keep an eye out and say “Hi” if I see you around. Safe trip! We will probably be at “The Office” around sunset. If you can get there, drinks are on me!

  2. I’ll be down in Cabo on the 5th.

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