The East Cape and La Paz, Baja California Sur

As you head north out of the Cabos and around the east side of the peninsula toward La Paz, you duck inland for a bit and then come out at the sea again near Buenavista. The highway/carraterra follows the coast for a few miles and this looks like resort and beautiful home headquarters for this part of the peninsula. The beaches are wide and open and although there are plenty of people out playing on the water, there is way more sand and surf to enjoy than there are people here to do it.
Bike Trip La Paz 197
Bike Trip La Paz 195
We free camp near Los Barriles and enjoy an amazing sunset as I cook dinner on the camp stove.
Los Barriles free camping
In the morning we head back to La Paz to spend a night before catching the ferry to the mainland. I’m looking forward to getting a chance to speak with our lovely new local friend, Julio, who is an incredible gracious and generous host and ambassador for his country. His two dogs are lovely too, so I’d love some time with them again too. Julio takes us to a beach just past the ferry port, Playa Balandra, and we hike up a hill near the parking lot to enjoy the view of this double-corona beach.
Playa Balandra near La Paz
Balandra Beach near La Paz
We take the dogs down to the water to play…and I get to enjoy the warm sand between my toes.
Bike Trip Yacora 064
Bike Trip Yacora 047

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