Crossing the Sea of Cortez and on to Alamos, Mexico

The ferry port near La Paz is busier with trucks than tourists today, and probably all days. We can go either to Mazatlan or to Topolobampo which is a small town 7 hours drive north of Mazatlan.  It’s a 7 hour crossing on a large ferry complete with lounge, restaurant and movies playing in the lounge upstairs.
Bike Trip Yacora 084
Bike Trip Yacora 085
But my entertainment for the night peaks with the sunset.  Mexico sure knows how to make some good ones.
Bike Trip Yacora 105
We choose Topo as we want to see some of the northern parts of the mainland if weather permits. The ferry arrives late, so we find a place to stay for the night before heading north on the toll road. On the way I have to go through an inspection point at the crossing from Sinaloa to Sonora, two separate states within Mexico.
Bike Trip Yacora 168
After a few hours riding, I arrive at the next “magic town” on my random tour of Mexico, Alamos. It’s a lovely old town that reminds me so much of Spain. There’s a beautiful church in the town square, the Church of the Immaculate Conception.
Bike Trip Yacora 201
Bike Trip Yacora 239
You can hike to the El Mirador (viewpoint) using the crazy steep stairs built onto the hillside. The view is incredible and it makes all those steps seem less work-ish.
Bike Trip Yacora 222
Narrow cobblestoned streets wind are lined with tall walkways and stone homes. There are gardens and pools and interior hidden piazzas and patios in many of these haciendas. Bougainvillea and vines drape off the buildings creating shade and making them more private. Jacaranda trees bloom on the hillsides decorating the many shades of green with lovely lilac blooms.
Bike Trip Yacora 234
Bike Trip Yacora 231
There’s a world-class music festival starting in a couple of days, and the entire town is abuzz.

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