Black Hills of South Dakota or Mountains of Mexico??? – a photo study

As I ride east from San Nicolas into the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range of Mexico, the roads start to twist and curve and hills spring up from the surrounding plains. Trees change from small palo verdes and mesquites to tall pines. And although the landscape seems to shift nearly every hour, for the large part of 3 days I ride through land that reminds me very much of home. Maybe the truth of it is that I see the world through a pair of South Dakota-colored glasses. And if I do, that’s just fine with me. I hope I see things more positively, openly and gratefully than if I wore another pair of glasses. So I thought I’d share some of the pics from those few days that show you why I thought the place reminded me of home. There’s an occasional cactus, Spanish word, sloped gutter on the shoulder of road, or other detail that gives it away – but all these were taken between San Nicolas (in the state of Sonora) and somewhere around Creel (in the state of Chihuahua).

Lots of ranchers and ranchos in this part of the world. Lots of weathered, old men wearing cowboy hats and people riding horseback around pastures or even in town. Okay maybe some of it reminds me of Wyoming too.
Bike Trip Guachicho 025
Bike Trip Guachicho 028
Bike Trip Guachicho 031
Bike Trip Guachicho 048
Bike Trip Guachicho 053
Bike Trip Guachicho 108
Bike Trip Guachicho 109
Bike Trip Guachicho 133
Bike Trip Guachicho 144
Bike Trip Guachicho 177
Bike Trip Guachicho 182
Bike Trip Hidalgo del Parral 030
Bike Trip Guachicho 176
Bike Trip Guachicho 175

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