Mazatlan – The Old Port and El Faro

At the southern end of the peninsula where Mazatlan rests, there is a pyramid of an island with a lighthouse perched on top. It is known simply by the Spanish word for lighthouse, El Faro.
Bike Trip Mazatlan 3 054
The small hotel we are staying at is filled with ex-pats, snowbirds, and travelers from all backgrounds. One thing most of them seem to share is a love of exploring the area by getting some exercise. Several people mention the walk to El Faro as a great walk. One of the ways you can choose to get there is by passing through the old port area and then following the Malecon (waterfront road) around the bends of the peninsula until you get to the base of the El Faro hill and then following its trail to the top.
Bike Trip Mazatlan 3 047
It’s a nice way to walk as opposed to working your way through the Centro area of town with its busy streets and intersections. The beach is a nice one, even though its a little small. A lifeguard plays on his cell phone near his motorcycle and lifeguard station since there isn’t much going on.
Lifeguard and his bike at Puerto ViejoLifeguard station
I pass the roundabout on the edge of the port where a marker celebrates the town.
Bike Trip Mazatlan 3 039
I pass by a statue of a motorcyclist. Mazatlan has lots of statues…but I sort of like this one. It his a nice view for the rider, perpetually looking out over the town and beach.
Bike Trip Mazatlan 3 046
I walk past a school, a home for boys, some beautiful wall art, and many homes along this walk.
Bike Trip Mazatlan 3 048
The road winds along the sea edge and cliff and provides me with a lovely view.
Puerto Viejo to El Faro
Dozens of crabs climb in among the rocks.
Crabs on the rocks
Finally, I make it to the base of the hill and am ready to start the hard part, after meandering through town and along the coast for 30 minutes to get here. The trail is dirt and has been eroded deeply by heavy runoff from rains. It zigs and zags back and forth along the lower part of the hill until it climbs to the bottom of a long, winding set of stairs. There are cactus vines growing all over the hillside, something I haven’t seen before. There are iguanas resting in the shade of shrubs.
Bike Trip Mazatlan 3 065
After baking in the hot sun on the south side of the hill while trying to climb the steep stairs, I am exhausted. I’m ready for the shade of the lighthouse building.
El Faro
The view from above is beautiful.
El Faro to Mazatlan

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