Two birthdays and three islands

I spent a few days camping in Baja in January as one of 3 non-locals on a quiet beach.  The two other occupants of the beach, as it turns out, share the same birthday, February 8.  So the three of us made plans to celebrate that day together in Mazatlan, but the birthday men weren’t sure how they wanted to celebrate.  Lee came up with the idea to go for a ride in a local fisherman’s boat and try our hands at fishing while getting a different perspective, literally, on Mazatlan. Leaving land
So on that Saturday morning, we set sail (not really, it was a small inboard motor instead) on the good ship Janeth, bound for exotic lands.
The good ship Janeth
As we prepare to get into the boat I can see the pelicans are already here waiting for the leftovers from today’s catch.
Bike Trip Mazatlan 3 287
Just off shore from the city there are three islands that seem to keep watch over the long sandy beach. They are Wolf Island, Deer Island, and Bird Island as you look at them from land left to right. And they are where we are headed this morning.
Bike Trip Mazatlan 3 108
The boat is small and there is barely room for the three passengers, myself, and the birthday men Lee and Brian, and our Captain, Jose. He hands out the fishing gear, line wrapped around small boards with a lure and small weight on the wet end. And each of us tries our hand at trolling in the sea.
Over the course of two to three hours we make our way from the fishermen’s beach to the south end of Wolf Island and around the back side, up along the edge of Deer Island and then on to Bird Island. Wolf Island has some rocky shoals around its edges and the small waves break against them.
Bike Trip Mazatlan 3 157
I sneak a pic between Wolf and Deer Islands and am reminded that during low tide they likely become one island.
Between Deer Island and Wolf Island
Then just off the edge of Deer Island a squadron of pelicans comes silently drifting by toward Bird Island…how appropriate.
Bird Island is earning its name today, as its surrounded and shadowed by hundreds of birds.
Bird Island
And just as we reach the apex of our cruise, rounding Bird Island, Lee feels a bite on his line. He has caught a fish!
Bike Trip Mazatlan 3 238
What a perfect way to spend a morning, and what a great way to celebrate the start of hopefully a new and wonderful year for these two fellas! Happy birthday, Brian and Lee!
Bike Trip Mazatlan 3 243

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