Puerto Vallarta

If you live in the USA, and you’ve heard of a city in Mexico, it’s likely that town is a tourist town.  Otherwise in the States we probably wouldn’t have heard of it. And I’ve definitely heard of Puerto Vallarta, aka PV.  Before this trip I’d been to Mexico twice, to Mazatlan a few years ago and to Playa del Carmen a year after that.  Both trips were to all-inclusive resorts where I arrived and departed via shuttle van, ate nearly all my meals at the resort, and saw an edited version of Mexican life, with only having had a glimpse of the local life. PV was on my “someday” list but I had probably always envisioned arriving here by plane, not after riding a few thousand miles on my motorcycle through Mexico to get here. Arriving by bike was MUCH better than I had imagined.
Bike Trip Tequila 2 026
The city is draped along the western coast of Mexico in the Bahia des Banderas, Bay of Flags, and is surrounded by mountains on its southern and eastern edges. The waters here are good for surfing and sailing, and sport fishing. I see ads for whale watching, although I cannot imagine it would be as good here as it is closer to Baja Peninsula. Most people who come here come to soak up the sun, especially when they’ve come from somewhere north where the weather is cold and wintery. The beaches and poolsides are packed with sun bathers and families.
Bike Trip Tequila 016
Locals work hard to sell the tourists some fun things to take home – a hat, some silver jewelry…
Bike Trip Tequila 019
…maybe even a toy parasailer. I take a pic of one of these toys flying in the breeze while held by a boy. Later I notice there was an actual parasailer in the background at the same time.
Bike Trip Tequila 072
I’ve got no particular plans for town. Maybe go see Los Arcos or the Cathedral or the market….but in the end, I lay on the beach in the shade of some palms and read a book and play a game on my iPad. Sometimes doing nothing is so very good. Time is a luxury that many of us take for granted. I saw a poster a couple of years ago that really rang true. It said something like “How do you spell love? T-I-M-E.” So very true. I feel decadent spending a day lazing in the warm breeze.
Bike Trip Tequila 024
Bike Trip Tequila 014
I have a poolside lunch and grab a pina colada in time to catch the sunset. No matter how this crazy, self-indulgent trip turns out…right now, life is really good.
Bike Trip Tequila 051

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